I am John Baux, I’m a coon ass and I grew up in Baton Rouge and visit often. Moved away when I was 19 with the military and never have moved back and I miss it.

I am 35 years old and love everything about my home town, Baton Rouge. I have started up this website to give back to my lovely community and any tourists that would like to know things to do and experience while here.

This is by no means a professional travel website, this is a fun website for me to put the things I like to do and what I think others would find fun as well. The best thing about this website is anyone can search for it and use it to find many things to do while visiting.

Baton Rouge is full of things to do and the history of our town is amazing. We have been a settlement since 1720 and we have lots of history that is very fun to learn about.

Check out our posts to stay updated with the everyday experiences here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.