The LSU Tigers Tailgating Survival Guide

There are countless reasons why visiting Baton Rouge is a great idea, but for college football fans, or sports fans in general, a trip to Death Valley is very high on the list. Being a fan of the Tigers is more than just about the football, though, so be prepared to get the full experience when you go to a tailgating event prior to the game. There are a few things you need to know before you paint your face and get your Geaux Tigers swag on, though, which is why we are here to help. Listed below are some things you need to know before you tailgate.

Get there early – Games played in Baton Rouge usually start later in the day or at night, which might lead you to believe that showing up a couple of hours beforehand is the way to go. Trust us when we tell you that it’s not. The serious tailgaters generally set things up the night before the game and are on the ground as early as 8 or 9 in the morning. As we mentioned in a separate piece about stereotypes in this state, people in Baton Rouge love a great party, and they don’t get much better than those tailgate events.

Show up hungry – One of the highlights of any great LSU Tigers tailgate party is the food that is on offer. You can smell those Cajun spice brewing from miles away, with craw fish, jambalaya, and boudin just some of the food that will be there in abundance. Many tailgaters will also get into the spirit of things by cooking up meals that have to do with the visiting team. For example, when Florida comes to town, expect alligator to be on the menu. Have no fear, pet lovers, things don’t get too crazy when the Bulldogs come to town.

Stay hydrated – There are going to be all kinds of cool cocktails up for grabs at the average tailgate party, and while sampling the wares is always good, you will want to be sure that you also get your fair share of water. Baton Rouge tends to get hot and muggy, and if you don’t stay hydrated, you are likely to be face down in the dirt before the clock strikes noon. Yes, still plenty of time to recover before kick-off, but public drunkenness is not a good look on anyone.

Go exploring – Taking a tour around the campus is a must, even if only to walk off some of the booze and food that you will have ingested over the course of the day. When you are out and about, you really need to take the time to check out the habitat of Mike the tiger, the official mascot of the LSU Tigers. That big cat has better accommodations than some of the college kids living the dorm life.

The most important tip to follow when attending an LSU Tigers tailgate is to have fun. The people of Baton Rouge are incredibly warm and welcoming, so that should not be an issue.

I have friends from all over that come down for tailgating and are absolutely amazed at the massive show of great times had by all. My friends up at little rock pool cleaning come back at least twice a year and always and I mean always have a great time!

The LSU Tigers Tailgating Survival Guide
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